i placed an order for catatlytic converters to a cadillac catera 2000.left side and right side.the supposed part #'s are EAST50352 and EAST50351.the good part is they sent me the wrong parts like 3 days after i placed the order.

what they shipped me was what was supposedly 50352 and EAST71317.

it took them 8 days to figure this out and this was with me having to make back to back phone calls everyday for 8 days and going as far as emailing them pictures of what was sent.

by this time over 2 weeks had elapsed.car still not fixed.eventually,someone figured it out and they billed me again to have the correct part sent.one would think a good business will accept responsibilty for their mistake and take care of picking up the wrong part and then shipping me the new part but nope.they refunded 1/4 of what i paid to have the original shipment sent to me and the cost of the part but still charged me full price for the new part and same price i paid to ship 2 pieces for getting just 1 part.

like this wasnt bad enough,i got the new right part which is east50351 but it turns out east50352 which i had sitting in my trunk for over 2 weeks is wrong as well.they shipped me a converter to brand of car.

the customer service reps are no help as half the time they dont have a clue of what they are talking about.what i think it is is that their site is showing the wrong parts for the wrong cars otherwise,how can you mistake part # 50351 for 71317.different shapes,size and even cost.they charge me over 200 bucks and ship me a 40 bucks part.

fine they have great prices but saving yourself a few dollars is not worth the stress i had to go to.a full month has passed and im still missing one part.now ill have to resort to paying 500 bucks at the dealer which is what i should have done to begin with.

Review about: Parts Train Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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