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• Had significant cosmetic rear bumper, quarter panel, and rocker molding damage from an accident. Ordered rear valance, absorber and bumper cover from parts train and the rocker molding from another site. All items were scheduled to be in within a week.


•• So I scheduled my car to be in the shop for repairs and a rental for that day. Everything came in on time and I was excited to get my car repaired. Not even an hour after leaving the shop. The owner calls to tell me that the bumper cover PartsTrain sent was damaged beyond repair

••• Not through manufacturer default. Not shipping. Not even from the shop. But due to PartsTrain themselves. HOW YOU ASK? From folding my bumper to fit into the box. Yes! Folding! To the extent that the connection points broke. And when I say "folding" I'm not talking "slightly". Im talking full blown folded to were the side of the bumper was touching the inside of the bumper.

•••• The shop proceeded with repairs without the bumper. Spoke with a rep about the issue for about an hour. The rep apologized and promptly sent out another. But this time, the cover was sent directly to the shop. He took the address of the shop. Verifeid the address. Even sent a confirmation of shipping address. He assured me all would be taken care of.


••••• I get a email from FedEx stating my package was in town. But not headed to the shop. BACK TO MY HOUSE. Fedex says they cant change shipping location on my end, it's something they'll have to do on PartsTrain end. So i give them a call. The rep states that to fix THEIR shipping mistake they needed to charge me $15. FOR THEIR MISTAKE.

Frustrated I just accept the fact that I'll have to drop it off myself.


••••••• PACKAGED DELIVERED Finally ready to get this thing started!

Get home. See the over-sized box sat out front. Take it in. Cut it open. AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!! AGAIN! *** Again they decided to fold the dam bumper. I'm 2 weeks into a 4 day repair with a rental now in the hundreds. I's so pissed with PartsTrain. They are so nonchalant about the issue and showed no concern. FINAL ADVICE


PartsTrain seems great for smaller parts, but not this type of parts.

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My bumper was also folded in packaging

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